Artist Statement

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Thoughts, discussions, and many healthy debates about black culture over the years are the seeds that I’ve subconsciously sewn, rediscovering them as an artist years later through a critical lens.  The female figure in my paintings is confrontational towards the visibility and value of black women within American society, both historically and in a contemporary context. Studies and ideas surrounding the discourse of self-esteem and African Americans are sourced from “The Doll Test” administered by psychologists Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark in the 1940s to the more recent “Dark Girls,” a 2011 documentary directed by Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry . Informed by stereotypes, cultural similarities and differences, perception of beauty, and esteem, my work often uses humor to create an environment conducive to healthy discourse.



1 thought on “Artist Statement

  1. You might also like to look at the figures painted by Richard Diebenkorn, Wilem de Kooning, and Marlene Dumas. This blog is helpful. I am looking forward to you posting images of your work.

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